Saturday, July 25, 2009

Edwin's Birthday

This is the last year i stay in UMSKAL , so i told myself must celebrate my friend's birthday during this semester ~ hehe ... well , today was Edwin's birthday ! Where wee go ? Mawilla lo ~ Today's quit happy la even though not my birthday . haha ... Edwin really silly one , whatever he did , no people will scold him but feel funny one ! haha , even lecturer also won't scold him cos his pattern really funny ! haha ... Edwin , Happy Birthday ya ! Hope that we won't forget each other after we graduate ! :)
The next birthday is Lee Yean's Birthday ? hehe ... hope that we can go out again ~~ :)

Majlis Perjumpaan Dengan PMSSIL dan Majlis Amanat Dekan 2009

What is PMSSIL ? I think i explained it before right ? It stand for Persatuan Mahasiswa Sekolah Sains Informatik Labuan ! This program was organized for new students . We gathered together and told them what PMSSIL was and what was the duty for every PM ! I was so nervous that day because i need to give a short explanation for the Planning Activity during this semester ! Long time no talk in front of people , so i felt very scare while talking . Haha ... Anyway , the program quit successful ! Almost 98% of new students attend to this program ! hehe ... You know la , i like to take photo ! So the program that i involved , sure got photo one ! hehe ...
This is the group photo on that day ~ :) The other activity was hold on another week after Majlis Perjumpaan Dengan PMSSIL . This program named Majlis Amanat Dekan which involved all the SSIL ( my School ) 's student ! This program was hold in order to let Dekan to say something to the students especially for the 2nd year and 3rd year student ! but during this program , only 1/3 of all students attend ! So sad ... :(
Anyway , overall the program ran successful ~ and of cause , we won't forgot to take a group photo with Dekan ~ :)
After this semester i will be free ~~~ yeah ~ i hope that this day will coming soon because i really tired to manage so much of things already ! There are still a lot of activities waiting for me ... alamak ~ haih ... :( Ok la , hope everything will end well ~ jia you ba ~ :)

Minggu Suai Mesra UMS 2009

Hi , everyone ~ i had a long long time did not touch my blog ! So sorry about that ~ After J2EE training on 15th June , i have no chance to open my PC ! I had join a program named "Minggu Suai Mesra" UMS ( Orientation ) for the new incoming students !
We were trained around 1 week in UMSKAL , then we were sent to UMS KK to have another training ~ After that only start the orientation week ! Really tired during the program ~
During the program , i was still work as Photographer ! haha , never change , seem like publicity suit me ! And again , my another duty was make a slide show ! But it is pity that i can't post it here because it is too big . What i get during MSM ?? The best thing i get was "SINGLE ROOM" ! Yeah yeah , i can stay alone in a room , can volume up my speaker ~ can do anything i want in my room ! hehe ...
The photo i show above were the photo that i took during MSM . Nothing specially la , i took around 700 photos , but only show some ! I was lazy to upload it because of the internet connection la , so sorry about that .
Anyway , it was all over already ! Hope that in the new semester , i can plan well and success in everything ~ jia you lo ~ :)