Saturday, June 28, 2008

Cindy House Warming 28-6-2008

C i N D Y House Warming

Who is Cindy ?
- middle one -
Finally , i think over 5 years , she say her family want to move out from Pamol , until today just fulfill her wish ,move into Lian Seng Garden haha ... congratulation Cindy . :)
Every time our gang hang out , must think of her previous living place - Pamol . It's hard to fetch her back lo ~ Now , ho ho ... lukily we all have to go back for study , if not , i think they all will hang out until deep night liao lo !haha !Another thing ... i think next time they all will always meet in Cindy house lo .. because of .... K.A.R.A.O.K ~~~ cham lo , i think one day her neighbour will come over and complain to Cindy's mum lo ~
Their favorite's activity ~ Singing ~

Cindy and her best (x12) friend in her house ~ :)

These i the trophy that her mum get from singing competition ~

I took this for many shoots , but i like this photo

Cindy , hope you and your family enjoy your life in your new home ya ~ haha

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Eden Uni Live Sharing


时间:10:00am — 1:30pm地点:益人服务中心







主席 :陈佳昂(UMSKAL)
副主席 :陈加轩(UMS)
秘书 :许欣仪(UPM)
财政 :赖威奇(USM)
司仪 :魏淑环(UM)
音响 : 唐诗怡 (UMT)
场地布置 :魏淑环(UM)
文书 :廖家明(UKM)
报到处 :陈加轩(UMS)
摄影 :傅健飞(UTM )



我们各自带上自己的大学的matric card以分辨junior 与 senior



报到完毕之后, 就是致词时间.同时,我们邀请Mr. Paul为我们办法证书与历届执委.

益人社会服务中心代表,Mr. Paul Tam () 与"启程三"主席,陈佳昂()

历届(启程二)主席,叶峻妮与Mr. Paul合照

之后,我们特制了一个简单的Slide Show来让学弟学妹们看看各大专的环境与大学生活

Slide Show之后,我们有个座谈会,这项节目是以发问问题的方式来进行.让各大专代表回答有关的问题好让学弟学妹们更了解各自的大学

这次的活动当然也少不了申请PTPTN( 国家高等教育基金 )的讲解





Friday, June 20, 2008

Multimedia Project

Front cover (created by Wong Seng Qui)

U-Life ... My multimedia project in second sem . I am the group leader for this project . We try very hard to make a video to represent my Uni Life in UMSKAL ( Universiti Malaysia Sabah Kampus Antarabangsa Labuan ) . In my university , there is only a main building which is the building in the picture above . I study multimedia for 3 years . Now still have 2 years . I hope that i really can become a profesional when i graduate .

Anyway , i will try my best in the coming sem ... :)

Back cover (created by Wong Seng Qui)

The photo below was taken with my group members ... They are (from left) me , Poh Chie , Sim Wei , Dao Ying , Xian Ni and Seng Qui ...

The person at the middle in the photo below is my lecturer .

Below is the URL for the vido that we created , named " U-Life "

Part 1 -

Part 2 -

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Shyan`s Wedding

15th Jun , my fiend , Shyan wedding day ... :) She ask me to help her to do Slide Show for the wedding dinner at 金华伦 , above is my design for DVD Cover . I did it twice because " somebody " rejected my 1st design . haha .. that time i am very disappointed lo .. but luckily i get a better idea like above .. :)

In the early morning , around 6.30am , i reached her house . I acted as a photographer that day . I am willing to help her because i know i need to gain some experience from it .. she look really mature that day lo .. i found that girl after make up really pretty lo .. haha . The photo above was taken when she was make up .

The photo above is the photo after make up , pretty right ?

These 2 photos ( above ) were taken from the reflection of mirror ..

bridegroom came lo , with his brothers .. trying to push and open the door ..

Finally , after toast , depart to bridegroom`s house lo .. see , they were so happy !

this photo was special , but a bit not nature la .. need to improve again next time ..

reach lo ~ it`s cute !

Shyan`s sister and her brother ( purple shirt )

Yuan Giat`s brothers and Shyan`s sisters

She is pretty , right ? hehe ...

In the afternoon , wedding dinner ... :) hope their love last forever ..

Shyan`s friend ( Ji Fu) , see his face , after drank 2 cups of tipple , haha .. so red

Shyan`s best sister ... Eilynn(left) and Sze Yee (right )...

Shyan and me ...

The last photo i took before i went back that day ...

My dream is open a shop to help people took photo especially for wedding , its because i love to record the sweet moment of newlywed person . I hope that i can get more chance to improve myself , if anyone have any idea to help me or got any comment for me , pls leave your comment ya . Thanks .. : )

In the end , let`s take a look of the slide show that i did for my friends , Shyan`s wedding ~

My dear friend , hope you and your husband will happy forever ya ~ :)

Air Papan

Last few days , went to AIR PAPAN with 11 ppl ... they were my very very very best friends ... but we still had 3 best friends absent that day ...

from left .. Ah Gee , Shu Huan , Shiou Yien , Cindy , Kae Yun , Pin Ngoh , Xiu Quan , Ah Neng , Ah Mong , Ah Fei , Ah Mong , Kah Arng ... standing one is Kah Shiuan .
Danny , Sheng Hong and Siow Wen absent lo ....

Really sweet and fun to go out with them ... :) I hope that our FRIENDSHIP will last forever ..

I like this photo most ! It bring out a feeling that i dunno how to describe ... haha .. the one who was walking is Shiou Yien ...the other 4 i think is Ah Gee , Pin Ngoh , Shu Huan and Cindy ..

I just bought a digital SLR camera ( Canon 450D ) , I took this photo and add some effect with photoshop.
I like this effect , give me the feeling of ... 梦幻 ..
Times flight , we all already 21 except Ah Mong , Kae Yun , Danny and Siow Wen , we knew each other since we are form 2 ( 14 yrs old ) . Our friendship can't compare with anything , really hope that in the future , even we all get merried , we are still together ... :) my friends , pls remember the day in Air Papan , remember how we play together , the BBQ , how we jump , how we play " killer " , how we challenge Ah Gee`s weight and how we found and caught the small crabs ... :P

using continious shooting to get the jumping photo . I like my camera !

What they found ? See the below pic ...

this 3 photos i took with macro mode with flash because its too dark that time ... :)


really really really unfogetable memories with my best friends ...
好朋友们,永远不会忘记你们...和你们出去总是特别开心.希望大家的友谊能长长久久... :)
... 朋友是不可缺少的,而我,很庆幸我结交了一群值得交的好朋友