Saturday, February 14, 2009

Canoe Inter Course Competition 2009

It was around a week i din't sleep well in UMSKAL , i was very busy for SSIL things this week , but today , i really really had a nice sleep in the afternoon ! Because of the inter course canoe competition today ! Really tired after the competition from 8am to 3pm today . And of course , i became like a " red candle " now because of the flaming sunlight ! I can't decribe myself as a " red apple " because somebody say if like that they will think that i act cute ~ -.- "" Anyway , today's tiredness is worth ! Althought i din't get the 1st prize in the competition la ! haha ... this is my 1st time enter the canoe competition in my university , really feel tension when waiting for the judge countdown " 3 , 2 , 1 , GO ! " hehe ... :) Really , we ( the 1st photo ) had a long long time din't play canoe together since last semester ! Today , because we were the representative of School Of Science Informatic Labuan ( SSIL ) , we get a chance to play canoe together again ! Feel very happy and funny with them ! :) The friends from the left to right : Ah Gui , Doraemon , Alex , me , Chat Liang , Carol , Dou Dou and Lee Yean ! :) i took part in Single , Mix Double and Single Relay ... it was really tired to play in single , we have to row the canoe for 300 meter ! Firstly I thought it was easy but after i try really hard and tired ! hehe ... of course , in the end i lost la ~ :( but never mind , i gain a lot of experience today ... hehe ...

I din't lost in all the event la , see the photo above ? We get number 2 in the single relay ! :) hehe , get a big hamper today !

Besides relay , i also won the 3rd place in the mix double event ! The people in the photo above is my partner , dou dou ! hehe ... she keep saying no energy already in final ! Luckily she din't give up ! haha ! So happy after finish the relay event , din't forget to take a pic although i felt very tired that time ! See ~ i can't even stand up when i finish the relay event ?? I am the last player in my team , i straight laying down when i reach the finishing line ??? haha , actually not la , Ah Gui ask me to lay down to take the photo la , but i like this photo a lot ! hehe ... haha , jump jump jump ! I jump you also follow me o Alex ? But my expression really funny leh ! haha . Anyway , i gain a lot of experience about canoe by today ! And because of this , i had a nice sleep this afternoon ! From today i have to catch up my studies ! Hope that i can success in all of the things that i did ! :)
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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Cap Goh Mei 2009 ~

9th Febuary , Cap Goh Mei ! Do you know what is Cap Goh Mei ? hehe ... is the 15th day for Chinese New Year ! In Chinese we call it "元宵节 " ! :)
16 peoples from UMSKAL , decided to go out on that day .... hehe ... we rent 3 cars and went out on 6pm from our university . Firstly , we went to Mawilla , a seafood restaurent to have our dinner together ... actually this is my 1st time to go out on Cap Goh Mei and my 1st time ate at Mawilla , Labuan . :) This restaurant was not bad , not only for food but for the atmosphere too ! I like this place ! :)
At Mawilla , we can saw Manjarasa clearly , not bad right ? :) hehe ... For those who dint study in Labuan , the building in the photo is Manjarasa , a place to eat steambot in Labuan ! :)
This was our group photo , luckily have another group of UMSKAL student having their dinner there too , so i can show myself in the photo , hehe ...
These girls .... -.- , each girl has her own Hendiken ! haha , can't tahan ...

I have a long time din't eat crab lo ~ Black Paper Crab ! But i still like the Black Paper Crab that i ate in Kluang , my hometown . :) hehe ...

It's me ! Must took a personal photo ! Luckily got dou dou to help me took my personal photo ! hehe ...

After we finished our dinner , then we go to the temple ! But nothing special there la , only saw a lot of fireworks ! But i still can't catch the skill in shooting fireworks ! So din't have any nice shoot for fireworks ! :)

The fireworks ! :)
Around 11pm , we reach our university ... today nothing very special except this cake ! haha ! Actually nobody birthday today , but Ah Liang bought a cake. We sang the birthday song together for each others to celebrate Cap Goh Mei ? haha , i also don't know ... -.-
Anyway , i feel happy today la , may be feel very relax when went out ... thanks to everyone for organize this short trip ya ! :)
I still have many photos in my website , welcome to visit my personal website to view more photos ! Press HERE .... thanks ~

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Unforgetable 22th Birthday ~

My 22th Birthday Cake and "Red Eggs" Now is 11.53pm , still 5th Feb 2009 . Today ... is my 22th Birthday ~ Unforgetable Birthday ! I think this is the 1st time i din't celebrate my birthday in my hometown ( Kluang ) . Let's share about my birthday in Labuan . Today morning until 10pm just now , i do nothing in my room ! So pity lo , laying on my bed , keep recieving sms and keep replying " Thank you " to all of the friends who wishing me " Happy Birthday ! " . hehe ... Until 10pm , my friend in UMSKAL ask me for " lim teh " . Seriously , i thought today won't have a birthday cake but only some cups of coffee ... haha ... but i met 3 of my friends ( Xian Ni , Poh Chie and Aunty Geok ) walking on the " Couple Road " ! Suddenly i know what will going to happen ! They seldom come out at night !!! haha , i know , may be there will be a birthday cake waiting for me ! haha ... Thank you , my friends ... thanks that you all bluff me that no car to go out this afternoon but you all " tou tou " go out to buy me the cake ! haha ... The most unforgetable thing happened before celebrating my 22th birthday~ DON'T HAVE CANDLES AND KNIFE !!!! haha ... In the end , do you know how i blew the candles and how i cut the cake ?
This is my candle ! Do you see the finger there ? It was the candle and the light is the fire !
hehe ... not bad what ...
I was 22 years old leh , so should have many candles ... :)
See my knife ? It was a hard cover from the birthday cake box ! Hehe ...
For me , no matter how the candles and knife was ... i still feel very happy this night ... really thanks a lot , my Labuan friends ... and the eggs too , althought it was hard to " 剥壳" , but really thanks to Dou Dou who make the 22 eggs for me ! haha ...
Thanks again to my friends : Dou Dou , Carol , Lee Yean , Xian Ni , Poh Chie , Aunty Geok , Shannel , Chat Liang and Edwin . ( Why most of the friends in the photo are girls ? haha , don't think too much , many of my friends having their meeting that time... )
22 Years Old already ... getting old , right ? hehe ...
In this New Year and this Birthday ... i had the same wish , simple but meaningful ... that is
" May all of my dremas will come true ... in mandarin , " 心想事成 " ! :)
Finish talking about my birthday in Labuan , now let's talk about something else ... the sms ...
i get around 100 sms this birthday , from my old friends to my pig and dogs friends to my girl friend of course and the end to my family ... What i felt surprise were the wishes from some of the friends that we never or seldom contact anymore ! Ha ha , thanks so much my dear friends ...
There are 3 sms that touch my heart ...
" 一眨眼就过了二十二多年,想当年这时候我还在烫衣,十二点多时小舅开了罐鸡精给我喝了才去生你们... 我想那罐鸡精应该只被 轩( 我哥) 喝了, 因为昂到现在都不喝鸡精,哈哈!:)庆生时请记得辛苦的娘,带大你们真的很不容易噢!:D ... 生日快乐,事事如意,时时健康,天天开心
!加油咯,帅哥!长大了要注意外表的打扮,别糟蹋了我和老爸的杰作!希望你们里外都一极棒! "
This is the sms from my mum ... feel touching after i read it when i laying on my bed ... mum , thank you for let me came to this world ... my birthday is " 母难日 " too , "辛苦您了!" , and dad too . I promise that i wont let you down one ! :P I love you , dad and mum ! :)
" 生日快乐,年龄越大,责任越多,但生命的成长,让我们坚定.加油!"
This is the wish from Ah Paul ... thank you Paul , short message with deep meaning ... i will remember it in the deep of my heart ! Thank you for always encourage me ! :)
" ... 你也要坚持 , 当我看到你的梦想时很惊讶 ... 没听你说过...但看了你的作品时感受到你的毅力和用心 ... 学长 , 也别放弃 !我们都在走着条遥远的路,一起加油!:)
This is the sms from a junior , she encourage me to keep trying hard to realize my dreams ... why i feel touching ? I also not clear about it , may be ... "... 但看了你的作品时感受到你的毅力和用心 ... " this sentence let me feel that really got people can feel my efforts and expend ... really thanks , my junior ... :) hope that you can realize your dreams too ! :)
wah , already 1 am something , tomorrow still have class in the morning . Now already 6th Feb , my birthday over already , from now , i want to start my new plan which already in my heart ! Before that , i want to post a photo which i took during New Year as a memory of myself in the Year 2009 ! hehe ...
ok la , good night ! :)

Monday, February 2, 2009

New Website 2009

Hi everyone . Sorry because i have a long time din't update my blog . Now i already done my new personal Website which i named it under my friend's advice as " PhoreverLove " . Pho mean photo or photograph while REVE mean dream in French . Love has a very wide meaning , can describe as i love photography , i love designing or others " love " la ... haha ... It is only a simple website without any database , so sorry about that , but this is also a starting for me and i am sure will upgrade myself in the future ! Thanks for every one to give me the advice when i was making this website ! :)
My personal website :
Well , last time i had manage another blog for my niece . I felt that i don't have much words to talk about her in my blog and most of the people would like to see more photos about her , so i specially create a website for my niece ! If you are interest on it , can visit the link below ! :) Thanks for support ! :)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

80th Birthday~

"Want to geth extra pocket money ? " , i got a sms from my friend , ask me to take photos for his friend's grandpa 80th birthday on 31st of January 2009 , 6pm at Chin Chin. Firstly I rejected it because my brother need my camera on that day , lukily in the end i managed to get back my camera before 3pm and luckily i got this chance to gain experience again ! :) Thanks little sheep !
I reached Chin Chin on 5.30pm , then start shooting around 6pm . This time i felt that i had improve a bit in my photo . May be because i had take a look of my cousin photograpgh that he post it on web during last week ! The other reason is because my girl friend . Her sister ask her to pass me a book about taking photo , i really learn a lot from that book ! At least never blur when i took the group photo using the SLR Digital Camera again ! :)
This is the birthday cake that i took without flash !
This is the " shou xin gong " and his wife . :) Happy Birthday !
I like this photo . learn from my cousin's photograpgh , what do you think ?
Anyway , feel glad to know a friend during this Birthday Party . She told me my photo colour got a bit " red " , may be some of you can't understand but for me i can understand la . hehe ... i will keep improving one ! Before that i never consider the colour now i know i have to adjust it ! Thanks , my new friend ! :)

Primary School Gathering

hahaha , i felt very funny when i saw my primary school's friend sms me and ask for gathering on 29th January . Primary School leh , it was the year 1999 , now is 2009 , 10 years ago we din't meet ! So surprise to get the sms from " Xiao Yang Yang " ! haha ... anyway , i felt very happy too to get the chance to meet the old friends during this Ox Year ! :) What i imagine was around 2x peoples gather in Barney on 29th January , 7pm . But the reality is only 13 peoples ! haha , and most of the friends from STABK which we always meet ! Really funny ! Anyway , still felt very happy la cos can meet "some" of the friends that had a long time din't meet ! :) What we decide are we meet again in the next 10 years which is 2019 ! Crazy ! In 2019 , i am already 32 years old ! haha ! May be we will meet after some years or next year la ! :) Dear friends , so happy that we still have chance to meet during this year ! Really miss the time during primary school ... but times flight , we all already 21 or 22 years old , getting old ! haha ! Hope that we won't forget the moment we studied in Sekolah Rendah Jenis Kebangsaan Pa Yai ! hehe ... see you and take good care of yourselves ya ! :)

New Year 2009

Today is 1st of Febuary 2009 , so fast , my new year holidays almost over . Most of my friends go back to their university already .
During this New Year's holidays , what i did ? Actually i feel very happy during the Ox New Year ! I still remember the day when i back from labuan for this Ox Year ( 21st from KK ) . During the 5 days before New Year , i have to clean my house , buy something to decorate my house and of course , took picture for "our"(my family and i) memories . Aspecially the photo for my niece "Min Min" . She so cute you know ? Later i show you the photo then you will feel it . hehe ...
I don't know what to say for this New Year but i feel very happy for every day during this New Year , may be because i had meet most of my friends , including "old friends" , teachers and the people that help me a lot and long time no contact . hehe ...
But .... i almost sick ~ luckily feel better after ate panadol . haha , if sick during New Year , no mood to go out with my dearest friends during the 3rd day of New Year lo ~
This is the photo we took during the 2nd day of New Year , all of these are my relatives . This year we have extra one member which is our cute " Min Min " ! hehe , the smallest one in the middle of the photo , see it ?
These 2 photos took on 3rd day of New Year at Kahang , this year forgot to take the photo for whole people .... i hope that we can go to " bai nian " every 3rd day of New Year ~ hehe ...
This Ox year , i took many photos ~ but most of the photos are Min Min one , hehe ... if you wish to take a look , can visit the link below ya ! Thanks and Happy New Year ! May all of our wishes come true ~
My personal website :