Saturday, February 14, 2009

Canoe Inter Course Competition 2009

It was around a week i din't sleep well in UMSKAL , i was very busy for SSIL things this week , but today , i really really had a nice sleep in the afternoon ! Because of the inter course canoe competition today ! Really tired after the competition from 8am to 3pm today . And of course , i became like a " red candle " now because of the flaming sunlight ! I can't decribe myself as a " red apple " because somebody say if like that they will think that i act cute ~ -.- "" Anyway , today's tiredness is worth ! Althought i din't get the 1st prize in the competition la ! haha ... this is my 1st time enter the canoe competition in my university , really feel tension when waiting for the judge countdown " 3 , 2 , 1 , GO ! " hehe ... :) Really , we ( the 1st photo ) had a long long time din't play canoe together since last semester ! Today , because we were the representative of School Of Science Informatic Labuan ( SSIL ) , we get a chance to play canoe together again ! Feel very happy and funny with them ! :) The friends from the left to right : Ah Gui , Doraemon , Alex , me , Chat Liang , Carol , Dou Dou and Lee Yean ! :) i took part in Single , Mix Double and Single Relay ... it was really tired to play in single , we have to row the canoe for 300 meter ! Firstly I thought it was easy but after i try really hard and tired ! hehe ... of course , in the end i lost la ~ :( but never mind , i gain a lot of experience today ... hehe ...

I din't lost in all the event la , see the photo above ? We get number 2 in the single relay ! :) hehe , get a big hamper today !

Besides relay , i also won the 3rd place in the mix double event ! The people in the photo above is my partner , dou dou ! hehe ... she keep saying no energy already in final ! Luckily she din't give up ! haha ! So happy after finish the relay event , din't forget to take a pic although i felt very tired that time ! See ~ i can't even stand up when i finish the relay event ?? I am the last player in my team , i straight laying down when i reach the finishing line ??? haha , actually not la , Ah Gui ask me to lay down to take the photo la , but i like this photo a lot ! hehe ... haha , jump jump jump ! I jump you also follow me o Alex ? But my expression really funny leh ! haha . Anyway , i gain a lot of experience about canoe by today ! And because of this , i had a nice sleep this afternoon ! From today i have to catch up my studies ! Hope that i can success in all of the things that i did ! :)
To view more photo , click HERE .


  1. second last picture...
    the pic u lying on the sand. something about the pic that attract my attention..

    if u edit the pic n hide the extra hand n legs at the right side.. the pic will looked an Image of Freedom.
    but if u edit n add more hands at the right side...i see a picture with the theme "we want ur soul"..

    hahaha...too "kesenian" or i just merepek here? biarlah..just my point of view..

    --F.O.X is here--

  2. hehe.. It's so fun to be there.. I'm regret why I didn't go.. hehe