Sunday, February 1, 2009

New Year 2009

Today is 1st of Febuary 2009 , so fast , my new year holidays almost over . Most of my friends go back to their university already .
During this New Year's holidays , what i did ? Actually i feel very happy during the Ox New Year ! I still remember the day when i back from labuan for this Ox Year ( 21st from KK ) . During the 5 days before New Year , i have to clean my house , buy something to decorate my house and of course , took picture for "our"(my family and i) memories . Aspecially the photo for my niece "Min Min" . She so cute you know ? Later i show you the photo then you will feel it . hehe ...
I don't know what to say for this New Year but i feel very happy for every day during this New Year , may be because i had meet most of my friends , including "old friends" , teachers and the people that help me a lot and long time no contact . hehe ...
But .... i almost sick ~ luckily feel better after ate panadol . haha , if sick during New Year , no mood to go out with my dearest friends during the 3rd day of New Year lo ~
This is the photo we took during the 2nd day of New Year , all of these are my relatives . This year we have extra one member which is our cute " Min Min " ! hehe , the smallest one in the middle of the photo , see it ?
These 2 photos took on 3rd day of New Year at Kahang , this year forgot to take the photo for whole people .... i hope that we can go to " bai nian " every 3rd day of New Year ~ hehe ...
This Ox year , i took many photos ~ but most of the photos are Min Min one , hehe ... if you wish to take a look , can visit the link below ya ! Thanks and Happy New Year ! May all of our wishes come true ~
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