Tuesday, September 23, 2008

MoonCake Festival 2008 ~

MoonCake Festival 2008 at UMSKAL ~
This is the 2nd time we celebrate mooncake festival in Labuan ... hehe ...
but different with 1st year , this time have so many friends celebrated together ! SO HAPPY ~
Alex , Chat Liang and Wilson Birthday in September , so we celebrate together ! hehe .. the photo above including all of the friends that attend this party at UMSKAL beach ~ except China friends ... :)
See , every time BBQ ... we like BBQ ? We love BBQ ? I also don't know but they like it very much ~ haha ... especially Wilson ! He like to BBQ the prawns ... hahaha .
We have a long time didnt take a photo together liao lo ! From photo above ( Ah Gui , Carol , Dou Dou , Lee Yen and me ) . We are good good friends in UMSKAL ! hehe .. last mooncake festival we celebrate together at Labuan Field , this time got many friends accompany us , hehe .. nice ~
See Li Teng ( black shirt ) ~ so funny ... haha , don't know what she laugh o
I am not the one who took this photo , i think is dou dou ba ! hehe , not bad o ~ :) Meaningful , right ? But i really don't know whose hands o ~
I took this photo with 5 second shutter speed by using tripod ... there was really dark that time , 9.30pm something i think ... but still got a little blur , don't know why ~ but not bad too la .. hehe .. This photo is meaningful , right ? The hand were Mark's hand and Ivy(his girlfriend)'s hand ... hehe ... i like this photo but unfortunately it was blur because i didn't use tripod ... sigh :(
ok la ~ HAPPY MOONCAKE FESTIVAL ~ my friends ~

Friday, September 12, 2008

A Busy but Meaningful Day

Today 8 in morning , i went to Mathemetic Class , then went to town to buy a mini DV tape for this afternoon . When i came back , it was already 12.30pm , i took away BBQ Chicken Rice from UK and ate in my room , around 2 pm , i got Creative Writting class , then we started the
meaningful job that i mention ... :)
What we did today ???

Yup ~ we took video ~ we are having a lesson from 1 lecturer and his 2 tutors to teach us how to shoot a video . Say truthly , i learn a lot ~ really nice to having this class.

The malay girl beside me is kaka besar , our group director , i am cameraman . :)

These are Ah Gui and Cheng Siang ... :)

This one is Fung Dao Ying ( Dou Dou ) ... keep asking me to take a picture like this .. hehe ..

These 2 peoples are acting , they keep talking when wakling , in the end knock down a people ..

In the pic above, right hand site is me and Ah Gui , left hand site ir kakak besar , min and our tutor ~ he teach us a lot ! Thanks .

This is the other group photo which i took in our class .. there were taking the scene in the class . :) hehe ... nice right ? the camera that we use came from KK , 1 camera cost RM14000 ! Do you know Puteri Gunung Redang ? i heard that this movie was taken by using these camera model too !

This is Amy Wong , she was acting , actually i not simply took this pic one , i just want to show our tutor that when i took photo , the shutter will make a sound , i want to ask him weither the sound will be recorded in the video cam or not , so i try to take this photo , but it look nice , so i publish it here ... :)

This one is Tong Chern Xin , actor for other group ... He was acting now ... hehe ... so funny lo ~

The tutor was teaching us how to adjust the camera in right way ... :)

I love this class , i learn a lot ! But today we haven't finish shooting , so we will continue tomorrow morning ~ now , i want to take a rest , make a tea and waiting for the time for meeting ! :) See you guys ~

Sunday, September 7, 2008


This week i really really very busy , got many things to do ... my assignment ( multimedia , creative writing ) , mid-term exam and PMSSIL things ... but for me , it was a challenge !

PMSSIL is planning to make a Rumah Terbuka for all the SSIL student on next month . It was the first and big event for us . We are 13 members in PMSSIL , its a hard job for us . Last sem there were 23 or 26 members in PMSSIL , we just have 13 members . But i think we can handle it well . Let's wait and see ~ :)
Today , some of the PMSSIL gather at our " Bilik Gerakan " ! What we did there ? We went there for cleaning our room ~ i can feel that all of us are full with responsibility ! That's good ! I hope that it won't be the starting only , let's us do well in our job and our activities ! Jia you ~

Below is the organization chart for PMSSIL 2008/2009

Friday, September 5, 2008

My new product ~

Hi , i just finish a new product by using Illustrator CS3 . I try many time to make it perfect , this product is done after 4 times trying ! But i think it still got many things that can be improved ! I will try hard to train myself one ! Gambateh ~ This few days i was thinking a way to make a different wedding slide show for my sister's friend , i decide to make a cartoon animation for it but before that i need to learn to draw in illustrator ! So , i hope that i still got time to make it ! :) Anyway , i won't give up !! :)