Sunday, September 7, 2008


This week i really really very busy , got many things to do ... my assignment ( multimedia , creative writing ) , mid-term exam and PMSSIL things ... but for me , it was a challenge !

PMSSIL is planning to make a Rumah Terbuka for all the SSIL student on next month . It was the first and big event for us . We are 13 members in PMSSIL , its a hard job for us . Last sem there were 23 or 26 members in PMSSIL , we just have 13 members . But i think we can handle it well . Let's wait and see ~ :)
Today , some of the PMSSIL gather at our " Bilik Gerakan " ! What we did there ? We went there for cleaning our room ~ i can feel that all of us are full with responsibility ! That's good ! I hope that it won't be the starting only , let's us do well in our job and our activities ! Jia you ~

Below is the organization chart for PMSSIL 2008/2009

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