Sunday, August 31, 2008

Dou Dou's Birthday

Dou Dou's Birthday ~ 28 August 2008

Dou dou 21st Birthday lo ~ This was the 2nd time we celebrated her birthday in UMSKAL ~

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ya ~ Fung Dao Ying ~ haha ..

Do you know what is this ?? This is the birthday cake ( America Chocolate ) and 红鸡蛋 !

Look nice right ? hehe ...

I like the photo above , i didn't use flash ... look like nature and the light from the candles very nice ... hehe ... that was what i feel la .

Look like Lee Yen's birthday today . haha .. we sang all type of Birthday Song to Dou Dou except India one ! haha ...

Nah ~ our friends in UMSKAL ! All are SSIL student except Shannel ( left ) .

Others are : from left , behind ( Shannel , Xian Ni , Poh Chie , Sin Wei and Tammy ).

from left , front ( Lee Yen , Dou Dou and Carol )

Of course got man also ~ but this photo a bit small.

from left , behind ( Wilson , Chat Liang and Ah Gui )

left , front ( me , Edwin , Dou Dou and Alex )

Saw this bear bear ? This was not the present we gave dou dou la , we didn't buy any present for her because we all so poor ~ PTPTN was not enough to cover birthday present ! haha ...

So sorry o , dou dou ~ hehe ... but i know you were so happy that day la , right ?

In the end , Happy Birthday to you again , dou dou ... :)

Friday, August 22, 2008

My niece's Blog

Hi , everyone , i have another blog for my niece , Cheng Jing Min !
Welcome to view her in the link below , thank you !

Monday, August 18, 2008

Malam Integrasi Labuan 2008


On 15 August 2008 , there was an activity - " Malam Integrasi Labuan " held in my School Hall . I was the assistant for multimedia group but on that day i had another job - i was a photographer ! :)

This activity was open by our Prof , Dr. Syed Azizi Wafar bin Syed Khalid Wafar .

After the opening ceremony , continued with the slide show that i make ! I was the one who make the slide show , but the information like the photos or picture were found by my members . :)

There were a lot of dances that night including Chinese Dance , Malay Dance , Indian Dance and Sabahan Dance ~ hehe . Besides dances , we had singing , fashion show and the activity end with chorus from all the Committee Members ~
It was very hard to take this photo because of low light , i need to use high ISO , low speed and high aperture . Most of the photo i use ISO 1600 , actually i don't want to use so high in order to reduce noise , but no choice , it was too dark that night ! I use bounce flash that night too but can't get the effect i want . :(

I really got a bit disappointed about the photo i took that night , you can see from the photo above , some too dark , some too bright on their head ! I don't want to use direct flash , so i use bounce flash , but the roof of the hall is too high , i can't control well ... sigh ... if got next chance , i will try my best one ! :)

Got friend ask me , multimedia and photography , which one you like most ? I can't reply her because i like both , haha ... See the picture above ? This is the 1st picture i drew by Adobe Illustrator ( Al ) ! Al is really useful for doing flash ! How ? Is it ok ? My friend say it was cute ! Besides that , i had a slide show want to share with all of my friend that viewing my blog ! Please leave a comment after you read my blog ya ! If not , i really don't know how many of my friends view my blog before ! haha . Thanks !

Slide Show For Malam Integrasi Labuan 2008

Thursday, August 14, 2008

My New Different Life started now in UMSKAL

11th August ! I took part in the election of my school ( PMSSIL - Pemilihan Mahasiswa Sekolah Sains Informatik Labuan ) and luckily , I had success to be the vice president ! haha ~ Beside that , i join canoe club this sem ! I am the leader for canoe activities ! And again , i was chosen to be the leader for multimedia part in ANG PAO NITE next semester ! Very haapy and excited ! I know i will be very busy from now , but it seem like recur to the life in secondary and Form 6 ! I will try my best to manage everything ! So , Mum , don't worry ya , i won't let you down in my study one ! :) And one more thing ! Since i used my new Canon 45D camera to take the photos for Sea and Beach Intervarsity Challenge , En Azri ( photographer for UMSKAL , my University ) found me 2 days ago to ask me to take the photo for the activities during commencement week ! So excited because i found a way to train my skill in photography ! But it will be very very tired because i need to stay there for a long time ! Like today , I just came back from podium ( our University hall ) since 8.00 am , now already 5.00 pm , very tired ! There are some exhibit which prepared by some courses in my University , very jollification ! I will put the photos in my blog next day ! :) Ok , until here today ! All my dear friends , i know may be you all also busy and enjoy for your university life in your own university , let's us try hard together in our own world ya ! :) See you !

Adwin's Birthday

Adwin's birthday , 21 July 2008 , it was 3 weeks ago , we went to Manjarasa (photo below) , a place in Labuan which have only the steamboat !

I knew Advin since 1st sem , but we seldom talk because of strangeness . We become friends in this sem while playing canoe ! Beside that , i met Alex , Ah Liang and Isaac ! My new friend in this sem , actullay we know each others since last sem but didn't talk. Now , become closer already ! :)

That day raining heavily ! Very very heavy ! We all rent a mini bus , the bus driver fetch us from UMSKAL to Manjarasa ! The photo above took in the bus ! :)

Fight loh fight loh ! We all really enjoy our food !! Actually i don't want to upload this photo one , but i know if i don't upload , Wilson will say why this time the photo also don't have his face ? So , in order to keep his mouth shut i need to upload this photo lo ! haha ...

You see Alex's mouth ! haha , so big !!!

After eat , we celebrate Adwin's Birthday together in Manjarasa . Adwin ( pink shirt ) seem like very happy o ! The others are his friend ! :)

This 2 are Adwin's good Indian friends ! He he ... multi races mah !

I think these girls were his seniors because i don't know them , Advin met them at Manjarasa and take a chance to took a photo with them too . If not wrong , one of the girl inside the photo also birth in same day but different year la ! haha ...

I think they all " sot " already , they stand one row beside the road and beat their own buttock and ask me to take their photos o ! And the other one , they say byebye to Ivy and Mark !
Althought i just know them , but i feel no gap with them , may be most of us from Johore loh !
Hehe , Adwin , HAPPY BIRTHDAY ya !

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Lee Yen's B`day

Che Lee Yen , one of my good friend in Labuan , actually her birthday is on 27th July 2008 , but i really had no time to upload these photo . Today just got a little time to make it .


That day was Monday , actually we don't want to celebrate with her one cause we too busy for our homework , but .... haha , she seem like so pity , so we rent car to go out to have dinner together loh . She keep make noise that she want to eat steak , we also can't say anything cause that day was her birthday ma ! So sad loh ~ haha ...
You know , she brought us to a restaurent that cost us around RM15 for one steak leh ! So expensive !!!
Oh , i forgot to tell you all who is she , she is the one sit between in both photo , she is one year younger then dou dou ( 1st photo, right ) , Ah Gui ( 2nd photo,left ) and me ( 2nd photo , right ) , but she is same year with Carol (1st photo, left ) . After birthday , finally she got 20 years old already ! Congratulation ~ haha
After having our " expensive " dinner , we went to UJ in Labuan to buy something , i still remember it was already 9 pm something ! We didn't buy any cake because all the shop close already , in the end we bought a box of chocolate icecream as her " Birthday Cake " that day ! An unforgetable birthday cake for her ~
Now , we already in our university ( UMSKAL ) , about 10pm something ...

I wish to make a special effect for this candle but i think it does't work , don't know where is the mistake , but i still decide to post it here , hehe ... a birthday cake full with 20 candles . :)

This is the last photo we took . I think this is the second last " birthday photo " that we take in UMSKAL because we all in 2nd year already , after next year we will seperate already , i hope our friendship will never end and last forever ! This blog will be our memory in the future ! haha ...
My best friends in UMSKAL , good luck to you all ! :)

Saturday, August 2, 2008

UMSKAL Sea And Beach Intervarsity Challenge

I had a long time didn't update my blog becuase of the internet connection problem in Labuan now . Sorry about that . Now everything is ok and i will always updaye my blog . :)

Its about 1 month i came back to my University in Labuan .On 26 and 27 July 2008 , my university organize an activity called " Sea and Beach Intervarsity Challange ".

This activity including some challanges , there are " Iron man and woman " , " Beach Volley Ball " , " Beach Football " and " Canoe " ! But i just focus on canoe because i am the committee member for this challanges .

This is the photo for all the committee members for canoe challenge ! :)

The challange seperate into 4 x 300 meter single relay and 4 x 600 meter double relay . The photos above are the photos for 2 single relays teams . The right site one form my sch , UMSKAL and left site one from University Malaysia Terengganu . There are many teams from other University but i only got the time to take this 2 photos . hehe ...

This is the photo that i took at the "Starting Point" , They were rushing to the beach !

I try to took the photo that the participant was facing the camera but i couldn't get it . I just get this photo .

This is the photo that the participant finish the changlle on the sea and went back to the beach !

At night , we had a BBQ dinner at the beach in front of our University . See what we bit ? It's our medal . We get bronze medal in the double relay challange !

I was very very lucky . My University bought 2 Dragon Boat cost RM 40 000 each . The photo(up) is one of the dragon boat and i m so lucky bacause i get the chance to play it that day ! The photo(down) was taken by my friend while we were playing the Dragon Boat of UMSKAL ! Very very exicited !!

The Dragon Boats were imported from Singapore . In the photo above , at the front line and the 1st one from the right site who was wearing a white shirt is the one from Singapore ! He teach us how to play and maintain the Dragon Boat ! He said we were too lucky because our University was the 1st University in Asian that having the Dragon Boat ! I hope that our university will organize a Dragon Boat Club !

After this 2 days , my skin became very dark ! i got sun burn ~~~ so pity ! But i feel very happy because i took many photos and i gain a lot of experience in taking photos under sun light at the beach !