Thursday, August 14, 2008

My New Different Life started now in UMSKAL

11th August ! I took part in the election of my school ( PMSSIL - Pemilihan Mahasiswa Sekolah Sains Informatik Labuan ) and luckily , I had success to be the vice president ! haha ~ Beside that , i join canoe club this sem ! I am the leader for canoe activities ! And again , i was chosen to be the leader for multimedia part in ANG PAO NITE next semester ! Very haapy and excited ! I know i will be very busy from now , but it seem like recur to the life in secondary and Form 6 ! I will try my best to manage everything ! So , Mum , don't worry ya , i won't let you down in my study one ! :) And one more thing ! Since i used my new Canon 45D camera to take the photos for Sea and Beach Intervarsity Challenge , En Azri ( photographer for UMSKAL , my University ) found me 2 days ago to ask me to take the photo for the activities during commencement week ! So excited because i found a way to train my skill in photography ! But it will be very very tired because i need to stay there for a long time ! Like today , I just came back from podium ( our University hall ) since 8.00 am , now already 5.00 pm , very tired ! There are some exhibit which prepared by some courses in my University , very jollification ! I will put the photos in my blog next day ! :) Ok , until here today ! All my dear friends , i know may be you all also busy and enjoy for your university life in your own university , let's us try hard together in our own world ya ! :) See you !

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