Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Lee Yen's B`day

Che Lee Yen , one of my good friend in Labuan , actually her birthday is on 27th July 2008 , but i really had no time to upload these photo . Today just got a little time to make it .


That day was Monday , actually we don't want to celebrate with her one cause we too busy for our homework , but .... haha , she seem like so pity , so we rent car to go out to have dinner together loh . She keep make noise that she want to eat steak , we also can't say anything cause that day was her birthday ma ! So sad loh ~ haha ...
You know , she brought us to a restaurent that cost us around RM15 for one steak leh ! So expensive !!!
Oh , i forgot to tell you all who is she , she is the one sit between in both photo , she is one year younger then dou dou ( 1st photo, right ) , Ah Gui ( 2nd photo,left ) and me ( 2nd photo , right ) , but she is same year with Carol (1st photo, left ) . After birthday , finally she got 20 years old already ! Congratulation ~ haha
After having our " expensive " dinner , we went to UJ in Labuan to buy something , i still remember it was already 9 pm something ! We didn't buy any cake because all the shop close already , in the end we bought a box of chocolate icecream as her " Birthday Cake " that day ! An unforgetable birthday cake for her ~
Now , we already in our university ( UMSKAL ) , about 10pm something ...

I wish to make a special effect for this candle but i think it does't work , don't know where is the mistake , but i still decide to post it here , hehe ... a birthday cake full with 20 candles . :)

This is the last photo we took . I think this is the second last " birthday photo " that we take in UMSKAL because we all in 2nd year already , after next year we will seperate already , i hope our friendship will never end and last forever ! This blog will be our memory in the future ! haha ...
My best friends in UMSKAL , good luck to you all ! :)

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