Monday, August 18, 2008

Malam Integrasi Labuan 2008


On 15 August 2008 , there was an activity - " Malam Integrasi Labuan " held in my School Hall . I was the assistant for multimedia group but on that day i had another job - i was a photographer ! :)

This activity was open by our Prof , Dr. Syed Azizi Wafar bin Syed Khalid Wafar .

After the opening ceremony , continued with the slide show that i make ! I was the one who make the slide show , but the information like the photos or picture were found by my members . :)

There were a lot of dances that night including Chinese Dance , Malay Dance , Indian Dance and Sabahan Dance ~ hehe . Besides dances , we had singing , fashion show and the activity end with chorus from all the Committee Members ~
It was very hard to take this photo because of low light , i need to use high ISO , low speed and high aperture . Most of the photo i use ISO 1600 , actually i don't want to use so high in order to reduce noise , but no choice , it was too dark that night ! I use bounce flash that night too but can't get the effect i want . :(

I really got a bit disappointed about the photo i took that night , you can see from the photo above , some too dark , some too bright on their head ! I don't want to use direct flash , so i use bounce flash , but the roof of the hall is too high , i can't control well ... sigh ... if got next chance , i will try my best one ! :)

Got friend ask me , multimedia and photography , which one you like most ? I can't reply her because i like both , haha ... See the picture above ? This is the 1st picture i drew by Adobe Illustrator ( Al ) ! Al is really useful for doing flash ! How ? Is it ok ? My friend say it was cute ! Besides that , i had a slide show want to share with all of my friend that viewing my blog ! Please leave a comment after you read my blog ya ! If not , i really don't know how many of my friends view my blog before ! haha . Thanks !

Slide Show For Malam Integrasi Labuan 2008

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