Saturday, August 2, 2008

UMSKAL Sea And Beach Intervarsity Challenge

I had a long time didn't update my blog becuase of the internet connection problem in Labuan now . Sorry about that . Now everything is ok and i will always updaye my blog . :)

Its about 1 month i came back to my University in Labuan .On 26 and 27 July 2008 , my university organize an activity called " Sea and Beach Intervarsity Challange ".

This activity including some challanges , there are " Iron man and woman " , " Beach Volley Ball " , " Beach Football " and " Canoe " ! But i just focus on canoe because i am the committee member for this challanges .

This is the photo for all the committee members for canoe challenge ! :)

The challange seperate into 4 x 300 meter single relay and 4 x 600 meter double relay . The photos above are the photos for 2 single relays teams . The right site one form my sch , UMSKAL and left site one from University Malaysia Terengganu . There are many teams from other University but i only got the time to take this 2 photos . hehe ...

This is the photo that i took at the "Starting Point" , They were rushing to the beach !

I try to took the photo that the participant was facing the camera but i couldn't get it . I just get this photo .

This is the photo that the participant finish the changlle on the sea and went back to the beach !

At night , we had a BBQ dinner at the beach in front of our University . See what we bit ? It's our medal . We get bronze medal in the double relay challange !

I was very very lucky . My University bought 2 Dragon Boat cost RM 40 000 each . The photo(up) is one of the dragon boat and i m so lucky bacause i get the chance to play it that day ! The photo(down) was taken by my friend while we were playing the Dragon Boat of UMSKAL ! Very very exicited !!

The Dragon Boats were imported from Singapore . In the photo above , at the front line and the 1st one from the right site who was wearing a white shirt is the one from Singapore ! He teach us how to play and maintain the Dragon Boat ! He said we were too lucky because our University was the 1st University in Asian that having the Dragon Boat ! I hope that our university will organize a Dragon Boat Club !

After this 2 days , my skin became very dark ! i got sun burn ~~~ so pity ! But i feel very happy because i took many photos and i gain a lot of experience in taking photos under sun light at the beach !

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  1. sad lor..u should put more pics which got my appearance mar..hehe^^