Thursday, August 14, 2008

Adwin's Birthday

Adwin's birthday , 21 July 2008 , it was 3 weeks ago , we went to Manjarasa (photo below) , a place in Labuan which have only the steamboat !

I knew Advin since 1st sem , but we seldom talk because of strangeness . We become friends in this sem while playing canoe ! Beside that , i met Alex , Ah Liang and Isaac ! My new friend in this sem , actullay we know each others since last sem but didn't talk. Now , become closer already ! :)

That day raining heavily ! Very very heavy ! We all rent a mini bus , the bus driver fetch us from UMSKAL to Manjarasa ! The photo above took in the bus ! :)

Fight loh fight loh ! We all really enjoy our food !! Actually i don't want to upload this photo one , but i know if i don't upload , Wilson will say why this time the photo also don't have his face ? So , in order to keep his mouth shut i need to upload this photo lo ! haha ...

You see Alex's mouth ! haha , so big !!!

After eat , we celebrate Adwin's Birthday together in Manjarasa . Adwin ( pink shirt ) seem like very happy o ! The others are his friend ! :)

This 2 are Adwin's good Indian friends ! He he ... multi races mah !

I think these girls were his seniors because i don't know them , Advin met them at Manjarasa and take a chance to took a photo with them too . If not wrong , one of the girl inside the photo also birth in same day but different year la ! haha ...

I think they all " sot " already , they stand one row beside the road and beat their own buttock and ask me to take their photos o ! And the other one , they say byebye to Ivy and Mark !
Althought i just know them , but i feel no gap with them , may be most of us from Johore loh !
Hehe , Adwin , HAPPY BIRTHDAY ya !

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