Saturday, June 6, 2009

Small island but high class ~~

This is my 1st time come to Singapore by plane ~ haha . Singapore , this island really different with Malaysia ~ When the plane was landing , i found that the lightning in Singapore are brighter than Labuan and KK !!! hahaha . May be because the "tiang lampu" in Malaysia , 5 of 10 are broken one ~hehe .. the night scene of Sinapore really beautiful if see from the sky ! But so pity that i din't bring my camera ! 3 of the white man who sat beside me keep shoting there ! So jealous ! haha .. Let's talk about the Singapore " International " Airport (Changi airport) ! It's really a different feeling when i step into the airport la ! In Sianpgore , there are all "travellator" in the airport ! It's make me walk faster ! haha . The taxi services are greater than Malaysia's too ! I don't have enough money , but i still can pay with nets ! So convenience ! Oh ya , forgot to say , in Malaysia airport , full with nurse to check our temperature while entering the airport . In Singapore , just walk only , there is a machine to check automatic ! So high class . In Malaysia airport , only can saw 2 or 3 , maximum 5 or 6 airplane at the airport . But in Singapore , 20 or 30 !! A big different ~ hehe ... Siangpore , a small but very high class island and country ! Am i right ? So sometime i like to come here alone . hehe . I like to shop here . hehe ... Ok la , anyway tomorrow i still will go home . My hometown is better than everywhere ~ hehe ... good night , my frieds ~

Finally , i reach Singapore ! :P

haha , finally i reach my sister's house in Singapore . Tomorrow only back to Kluang . Now i can post what i write in ! Borneo already ! :P " Today is 6th June 2009 , finally I can go back to Kluang again because of the delaying of “MSM”(Orientation) for the incoming student ! Yeah ~ but now I am sitting at Starbuck, 1 Borneo( A Big Shopping Centre in KK ) with a cup of Cappuccino . Now is 2.00pm , trying to online here to blog directly but fail . In the end , I have to type it in Microsoft Office . Haha . When I go back only post it in my blog la. I am waiting for 3.30pm to go to Air Port . My flight at 6.05pm . Sigh … this time , I fly to Singapore from KK but not directly o JB because of that flight fare ! Go back to JB directly need MYR 568 !!! So shock ! Luckily I bring my passport , so I can directly go back to Singapore with only MYR 111 . hehe … Times flight , 15 days over and ended with happiness andfull with memory . Really thanks to my lecturer , Miss ( now should call her Madam ) Dayang . Thanks for select me to join this program ! I have a different thinking and feeling just after this training . May be I can become a programmer after I graduate ? Then after I have the money , I just start my business and my dreams ? Now feel “sesat” a bit la . Hopefully I can found a decision soon because now really have a bit “mang ran” la . Walking in 1 Borneo but keep thinking about my future . haha . Am I too silly ? Or because I am walking alone so I will think about this such of things ? I also don’t know la . Need somebody to talk but don’t know who can I find . My gf is busy for her Latihan Industry and her presentation which on 9th this month . So I don’t wish to disturb her la . Luckily I have 2nd gf which is my Toshiba Laptop ! haha . Luckily I still can blogging anyway ! hehe .. But my 2nd gf not long life la , she need plug in power but don’t have plug here , only can live with 2 hours . Sad . Anyway , feel better after writing something here . Even I also don’t know how much typing error or grammar mistake that I have la . Please , don’t laugh me ok ! Especially “some” of my friends in “ UMSKAL ” ! haha. Lastly , I want to say thank you to Dou Dou , Ah Gui and Carol which also join the J2EE program . Thanks for being my best friends in UMSKAL and thanks for everything during this 15 days . I hope that we all can succeed in the future la ! Keep going ya ! See you all next semester ! hehe … ( heh heh ) :P "

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The 12th day of J2EE Training

Times flight , it was the 12th day for J2EE Training , 3 days left ~~ so so so nice to join this program ! Now , there are only around 30 students left in UMSKAL , so so so silence here . haha . Everyday see the pak guard BBQ there , they are so enjoy their life during holidays ! haha ... Now , talk abt myself la , 12 days here ... starting with some basic , we are really really lucky to join this program ! in this short 12 days , we already can make a system ! We were given a project in 5 ppls a group ! My group taking "E-calendar" ! Of cos , my group members are dou dou , carol , ah gui , me and " kakak besar " ! haha ! We can's seperate during this program la ~ so nice ! In this system , we let the UMSKAL student and lecturer access to the UMSKAL calendar to view the activities for our schoool ! Beside that , student can access to the lecturer's calendar to view their time table and calendar which are public one ! After that if a student want to make appointment with lecturer , just press the button and send it to the lecturer , then waiting for the approve ! It sounds simple , but it is really really take time to do ! I am so happy that we can make it within 5 days !(Althought havent complete la ! haha ! Still got some part have to go ! ) Althought it is not complete , same with others group whose are " E-Booking " , " E-Aution " , E-Complaint " and " E-Shopping " ! Today we still have to present in front ! hehe ... the trainer say " very good " for my presentation leh ! haha , so happy ! ( Din't proud ok ! ) hehe ... I want to say thank you for my group member and sorry cos i really don't know how to seperate the job . So i have to did the last part myself , so so so sorry ~
The photo above is the situation for our class ~
This is our trainer ~ En. Azman which had 10 years experience in programming ! Really li hai !
This is my group members ~
See , i present leh ~ din't bluff you o~
Hehe , guess what we did ? We are making steambot leh ~ haha ..
In front of " Uni Trade " ( may be only UMSKAL's student know what mean Uni Trade ) la ~
We spend almost our night time here ~ haha
Wah ~ simple but delicious ~~ yeah ~
hehe , this 2 ak ... like couple right ? or like papa and .... ???
hehe ....
Anyway ~ i am so happy to join this program ~ thank you , my friends ~~~ :)