Sunday, February 1, 2009

Primary School Gathering

hahaha , i felt very funny when i saw my primary school's friend sms me and ask for gathering on 29th January . Primary School leh , it was the year 1999 , now is 2009 , 10 years ago we din't meet ! So surprise to get the sms from " Xiao Yang Yang " ! haha ... anyway , i felt very happy too to get the chance to meet the old friends during this Ox Year ! :) What i imagine was around 2x peoples gather in Barney on 29th January , 7pm . But the reality is only 13 peoples ! haha , and most of the friends from STABK which we always meet ! Really funny ! Anyway , still felt very happy la cos can meet "some" of the friends that had a long time din't meet ! :) What we decide are we meet again in the next 10 years which is 2019 ! Crazy ! In 2019 , i am already 32 years old ! haha ! May be we will meet after some years or next year la ! :) Dear friends , so happy that we still have chance to meet during this year ! Really miss the time during primary school ... but times flight , we all already 21 or 22 years old , getting old ! haha ! Hope that we won't forget the moment we studied in Sekolah Rendah Jenis Kebangsaan Pa Yai ! hehe ... see you and take good care of yourselves ya ! :)

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