Monday, February 2, 2009

New Website 2009

Hi everyone . Sorry because i have a long time din't update my blog . Now i already done my new personal Website which i named it under my friend's advice as " PhoreverLove " . Pho mean photo or photograph while REVE mean dream in French . Love has a very wide meaning , can describe as i love photography , i love designing or others " love " la ... haha ... It is only a simple website without any database , so sorry about that , but this is also a starting for me and i am sure will upgrade myself in the future ! Thanks for every one to give me the advice when i was making this website ! :)
My personal website :
Well , last time i had manage another blog for my niece . I felt that i don't have much words to talk about her in my blog and most of the people would like to see more photos about her , so i specially create a website for my niece ! If you are interest on it , can visit the link below ! :) Thanks for support ! :)

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