Sunday, February 1, 2009

80th Birthday~

"Want to geth extra pocket money ? " , i got a sms from my friend , ask me to take photos for his friend's grandpa 80th birthday on 31st of January 2009 , 6pm at Chin Chin. Firstly I rejected it because my brother need my camera on that day , lukily in the end i managed to get back my camera before 3pm and luckily i got this chance to gain experience again ! :) Thanks little sheep !
I reached Chin Chin on 5.30pm , then start shooting around 6pm . This time i felt that i had improve a bit in my photo . May be because i had take a look of my cousin photograpgh that he post it on web during last week ! The other reason is because my girl friend . Her sister ask her to pass me a book about taking photo , i really learn a lot from that book ! At least never blur when i took the group photo using the SLR Digital Camera again ! :)
This is the birthday cake that i took without flash !
This is the " shou xin gong " and his wife . :) Happy Birthday !
I like this photo . learn from my cousin's photograpgh , what do you think ?
Anyway , feel glad to know a friend during this Birthday Party . She told me my photo colour got a bit " red " , may be some of you can't understand but for me i can understand la . hehe ... i will keep improving one ! Before that i never consider the colour now i know i have to adjust it ! Thanks , my new friend ! :)

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  1. Your cousin is me lar..
    Lemme post my link:
    eh, you still haven gimme your msn acc..
    let's find otu more about photography...