Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Cap Goh Mei 2009 ~

9th Febuary , Cap Goh Mei ! Do you know what is Cap Goh Mei ? hehe ... is the 15th day for Chinese New Year ! In Chinese we call it "元宵节 " ! :)
16 peoples from UMSKAL , decided to go out on that day .... hehe ... we rent 3 cars and went out on 6pm from our university . Firstly , we went to Mawilla , a seafood restaurent to have our dinner together ... actually this is my 1st time to go out on Cap Goh Mei and my 1st time ate at Mawilla , Labuan . :) This restaurant was not bad , not only for food but for the atmosphere too ! I like this place ! :)
At Mawilla , we can saw Manjarasa clearly , not bad right ? :) hehe ... For those who dint study in Labuan , the building in the photo is Manjarasa , a place to eat steambot in Labuan ! :)
This was our group photo , luckily have another group of UMSKAL student having their dinner there too , so i can show myself in the photo , hehe ...
These girls .... -.- , each girl has her own Hendiken ! haha , can't tahan ...

I have a long time din't eat crab lo ~ Black Paper Crab ! But i still like the Black Paper Crab that i ate in Kluang , my hometown . :) hehe ...

It's me ! Must took a personal photo ! Luckily got dou dou to help me took my personal photo ! hehe ...

After we finished our dinner , then we go to the temple ! But nothing special there la , only saw a lot of fireworks ! But i still can't catch the skill in shooting fireworks ! So din't have any nice shoot for fireworks ! :)

The fireworks ! :)
Around 11pm , we reach our university ... today nothing very special except this cake ! haha ! Actually nobody birthday today , but Ah Liang bought a cake. We sang the birthday song together for each others to celebrate Cap Goh Mei ? haha , i also don't know ... -.-
Anyway , i feel happy today la , may be feel very relax when went out ... thanks to everyone for organize this short trip ya ! :)
I still have many photos in my website , welcome to visit my personal website to view more photos ! Press HERE .... thanks ~

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