Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Shyan`s Wedding

15th Jun , my fiend , Shyan wedding day ... :) She ask me to help her to do Slide Show for the wedding dinner at 金华伦 , above is my design for DVD Cover . I did it twice because " somebody " rejected my 1st design . haha .. that time i am very disappointed lo .. but luckily i get a better idea like above .. :)

In the early morning , around 6.30am , i reached her house . I acted as a photographer that day . I am willing to help her because i know i need to gain some experience from it .. she look really mature that day lo .. i found that girl after make up really pretty lo .. haha . The photo above was taken when she was make up .

The photo above is the photo after make up , pretty right ?

These 2 photos ( above ) were taken from the reflection of mirror ..

bridegroom came lo , with his brothers .. trying to push and open the door ..

Finally , after toast , depart to bridegroom`s house lo .. see , they were so happy !

this photo was special , but a bit not nature la .. need to improve again next time ..

reach lo ~ it`s cute !

Shyan`s sister and her brother ( purple shirt )

Yuan Giat`s brothers and Shyan`s sisters

She is pretty , right ? hehe ...

In the afternoon , wedding dinner ... :) hope their love last forever ..

Shyan`s friend ( Ji Fu) , see his face , after drank 2 cups of tipple , haha .. so red

Shyan`s best sister ... Eilynn(left) and Sze Yee (right )...

Shyan and me ...

The last photo i took before i went back that day ...

My dream is open a shop to help people took photo especially for wedding , its because i love to record the sweet moment of newlywed person . I hope that i can get more chance to improve myself , if anyone have any idea to help me or got any comment for me , pls leave your comment ya . Thanks .. : )

In the end , let`s take a look of the slide show that i did for my friends , Shyan`s wedding ~

My dear friend , hope you and your husband will happy forever ya ~ :)


  1. yo, I like the Cover ~ haha! gambateh o!!

  2. wow.. i like the cover more! i feel it natural & not complicated! sometime "simple is de BEST!!! " rite?haha.. Gambatte ^o^