Monday, August 24, 2009

Semporna , Mabul , Kapalai & Sipadan Trip , Day 1 ( 17th August 2009 )

Yeah ~ i came back from 3 wonderful island last week --> Mabul , Kapalai and Sipadan ~ finally got time to upload my photo . This time i will upload many many photo to let people know about our wonderful and unforgetable time in this three islands ~ hehe ...... Day 1 - Departure from Kota Kinabalu to Tawau We reach Tawau around 8.30pm . First time i visit Tawau . May be it was in the night , i didn't really notice how Tawau is ... or may be the airport in Tawau is far from town , so i feel that Tawau is not bad la ... haha ... but in the last day , we visit to the Tawau town ... really ... disappointed a bit . haha .. to Labuan friends - Labuan is better la ! :)
"Tawau Airport"
I never take photo for Air Asia plane , this is the first time i took and this is the beginning of our trip ! :)
Picture 2
hehe ... i also want to take a photo , luckily my brother are going too ... :)
While waiting for our laugage , we cant wait t to take a photo with the big poster of Sipadan Kapalai Resort which we will reach by tomorrow ! hehe ...
Opps.... forgot to tell you who joint this trip ! hehe ...
From the left is Edwin , Kah Arng (me) , Wilson , Chat Liang , Jia Wei ... and 2 more ( my brother Kah Shiuan and his gf Ooi Shee , see picture 2)
After that , we enter a Travel Van and reach our hotel at Semporna after 1 hour !
Do you know how was the hotel and what is the name ofthe hotel ???
hehe ....
Deng deng ~~~
"Damai Travellors Lofge"
Yeah ~ this is our 1st day hotel ! Just sleep for 1 night ! You know what , it seem like a hotel that got "chicken" inside . haha .. but this hotel is cheap la . For us as a student , this is not bad already ! :)
"The registration counter of the hotel"
Do you see the big picture behind Wilson ? See next photo ...
I can't forget the time we hang out to find food that time ! KFC ? close already ... walk to the dock ? It's too far ... at the end , we ate at a stall that dun have Mee Goreng Pataya , don't have Mee Goreng Mamak and only have Mee Goreng and Nasi Goreng Ayam . hehe ... but they all said that the Mee Goreng very "hard" to eat except my brother ! haha ! I wonder why he got different taste from orthers ? Luckily i order Nasi Goreng Ayam ! haha...
Edwin always like to be the main charactor in this trip ! He liketo shout Kah Arng ! Then i was force to take his picture ... :(
but without him , we will feel boring la ... haha .
"The room for the hotel"
around 1am i think , we all sleep lo ... waiting for the coming of the sun ~ hehe .. can't wait to go Mabul ~
Ok ~ to be continue ...
good night everyone ~ :)


  1. Is the place nice?

    come and visit you~

  2. yaya .. it is nice ! hehe ... more photo coming soon ~ :)

  3. Hi there.. i'm interested to go on the similar as you are. May i know how much have you spent? is it a 3 day 2 nights snorkeling trip?

  4. hi , Ling . May i know your email address so i can tell u as detail ? you no need to post your email here but u can email me ... .. thanks ...