Sunday, November 29, 2009

Kudat & Kundasang Again ~ :P

Date :
26th - 27th November 2009

Place :
Kuda, Bee Farm, Long House, Gong Making, Kundasang, Cow Farm, War Memorial, Hot Spring

Trip's members :
KA, Wilson, JT, Kee Lun, Kung Seng, Diao, Xian Ni, Chun Sien, Chern Sin, Meng Siong, Mark,Niyo
Sheryl, Fung Juan, Diana

Hohoho~ Another trip in Sabah ! :)
I can't go back to my hometown so early after final exam because i need to attend a program named
"3P ( Program Pentauliahan Prestariang ) " in UMS KK .
Anyway , we had 4 days holidays after first 2 days class . hehe ... so , we decide to visit the famous destination in Sabah . This time , we visit 8 places in Sabah with ONLY LESS THAN RM100 ! 
worth right ?? hehe ....

How we go ? We rent 3 Kancil with RM65 each  per day .
We depart from UMS KK around 4.45am ...

This is the first place we visit - " McD in KK " ... haha .. we had our breakfast here .... :)

Okay , after breakfast , we depart to our first destination -" Kudat - Tips Of Borneo"
This is the Northest place of Sabah !
Entrance Fee : FREE

It's me ~ :P

wow , see my hair ?? hehe ... very windy there o ...

Group Photo at Tips Of Borneo

Wow , nice ? hehe ...

Around 9.45am , we depart to Long House ~

Do you watch a drama named " Fu Gui Men " ? Now we are at the long house that use to shoot this drama !
hehe ... but , a lot of mosquito ! :(
Entrance Fee : RM3 (student price)

wah , what i was taking ? It's bee ! We visit to bee farm after visit to Long House !
We eat the free Honey o . very nice !
Entrance Fee : RM5.

Haha , what i was doing ? I was trying to hit the biggest "Gong" in Sabah !
We were visiting the gong making factory !

Yeah ! You only see some of us because some of them don't want to enter and one of our car run out of petrol and trying to find a petrol station ! haha ...
Entrance Fee : RM5

Well , after that we depart to Kundasang . This photo was taking on the half way .
The mountain behind was Mountain KK . :)

When we reach the resort , i was too tired because i drove from morning until evening ! Very very tired ! So , i sleep very early ! hehe ... without me , without photo at the night lo . hehe ...

Resort Fee : RM 285 per 16 beds .

This was the 2nd day in the morning . We prepared to visit the other places in Kundasang ! :)

Have to warming up first ! Let's Jump ~~

hehe, this photo took while we were having our breakfast at Kinabalu Park there .

After eating , we depart to "Mesilau"
but unfortunately , we failed to visit Mesilau Resort and because we don't have enough time , we decide to give up to go Mesilau Resort and we straight going to Cow Farm ! :)

Yeah ~ this is the Cow Farm at Kundasang ! Very smelly o ! You see 5 of us only because we are in one car and the camera with me ! hehe ... The other cars drive too fast so they miss the chances to took photos ! hehe ...
Entrance Fee : RM2 (student price)

hehe .. we seem like in New Zealand ! :P

Anyway , we still meet others in the end ! Our group photo ! Nice ? hehe .. i like it very much !

hehe , another single photo ! yeah ~

Ok , after visited the Cow Farm , we went to War Memorial !
Entrance Fee : RM2 (student price)

Now we at Australia Garden ! :)

This is the English Garden !

Borneo Garden

hehe , the Entrance to another garden (forgot the name already ... hehe)

"??" Garden (I forgot the name , haha)

hehe, the highes place in War Memoriol ! You can see the whole view of Kundasang here ! :)

Yeah ~ Jump again ~~ :)

Ok , after visiting here , we went to see "Raflesia" - the biggest flower in the world ! :)

yeah , here is was . Althought this one is small one but still feel excited to see it . haha .
Entrance Fee : RM5 (student price)

Well , after this we were going to Hot Spring . But i din't take much photo there because not very special la . hehe ...

hehe, i was taking the photo ! :P

There was nothing special in Hot Spring , we only went and took a look ! :)
This is the last place we visited during this Trip !
Around 3.30pm , we drove back to Ranau to have our lunch and go back by 4.15pm .
Around 6.30pm we reach KK again !
Actually this is the first time i went out with them o . hehe , but still get a nice and unforgetable memory ! hehe ...
We took around 400 photos . If  you are interest to see the photos can view it in my facebook ya ! :P

Ok , the end of this trip ! Have a nice day ~ :)

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