Friday, January 15, 2010

I miss the days ...

Just done the account tutorial . Suddenly think about blogging .
I have a long time didnt sign in to blog , very busy after i came back to Labuan since 3th Jan 2010 ... haih ...
A new year began and a new semester bagan , very busy for the FYP ( Final Year Project ) which is a 3D animation .

Suddenly feel that i miss the days after 3P Programme very much . The days i played with Min Min . The days i clean my house , the days i went to KL for Christmas , i miss my parents too ... :(

See the photos below , Min Min so cute ! She know how to call "papa , mama , kaofu , yi , gongong and popo " ! She is really really cute !

Min Min was playing with us ... :P

Min Min with her papa and mama , happy family !

Haih , really wish to go home soon ....