Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Open House PMSSIL ( with MPP and HE23 )

Open House in UMSKAL ! 18th October 2008 ! Finally over ! hehe. . . We ( PMSSIL ) start to cook early in the morning ! This is the 1st time i cook ketupat ! haha ! Really funny lo , me , Chat Liang and Edwin , 3 of us dunno how to cook ketupat one , just put the ketupat in the rice cooker and add water ! We didn't consider about how many water it need , just put only , luckily we done it well ! haha ! In this open house , we had Mee Hun , Rendang Ayam , Rendag Daging , Lontong , Laksa and many other Sabah food , Sarawak food and Semenanjung food ! hehe .. really nice ! That day really tired ~ morning go and help them to cook , then evening go to canoe training , then open house started at 8pm , after that got Ang Pau Night meeting , until 12am something just can go back to my room , really really tired ! But feel happy la cos finally Open House end already , no need to worry again ! hehe ..
See the photo below ? What can i do is only took photo for them , hehe ... see how they cook ? Really nice to join . hehe ...
See the photo below ? I took it ! Nice ? This is the food we put on table ! Waiting for the starting of the event !
This photo can prove that i have join them ya ! Open House start lo !
My junior ~
Wah ~ Che Lee Yen took so much of Mee Hun ??
This was how Malay gather and ate together !
They were fighting to get the food ! haha .So many people o !
They need to queue up to take the food , hehe ...
My junior ~
Most of the people in this photo were PMSSIL in UMSKAL
My roommate ( left ) , Kelvin , Ah Kit and Kok Loon
Actually this is a nice event , we all ( students ) can mix together ! But PMSSIL don't have enough time to organize an Open House event for the student from SSIL only , so we had to mix with MPP ! Hope that next time we can make for our own ! hehe ... Anyway , it was a nice day ~ :)

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