Sunday, May 24, 2009

First week for J2EE Training

Finally J2EE Training has been started , b4 that i really don't know what is J2EE , now know already . J2EE stand for Java Platform 2 Enterprise Edition . We learnt how to make system , like people can updating their profile ( delete , update ) , can upload the file and other things la . Very fun to have this class and i din't regret to come back for this 15 days training ! Really ! i learn a lot and very very glad to be selected to join this class ... :) See the photo below ? We all ( 25 ppls ) are sharing 2 plugs in the lecture hall ! haha , so dangerous right ? we bring our extension wire , connect with each other to use for 25 laptop ! 2 of us even bring their desktop ( See the CPU in the photo) !!!! so so so hardworking right ? i think it is the prove that we all treasure this class ! The trainer came from KL , named Azman . He is really really " li hai " and professional ! Until today , there is no 1 of the question that he can't solve ! haha . We like him very much ! :)
Everyday ( Mon - Fri ) we have to wake up at 7 something in the morning . The class start at 9am and end at 5pm ! Really tired because we had to face our own pc around 8 hours a day ! This is not a big deal but the only problem is " THE CANTEEN IS NOT OPENED IN HOLIDAYS ! " We don't know what to eat for dinner since school only provide lunch for us ! Sigh ... luckily ..... hahaha , luckily i got 3 best friends here who join the program too ! They are Ah Gui , Carol and Dou Dou ! hehe ... see the photo below , they cook for me leh ~ haha ... Oops ~ not "THEY" , only Carol and Ah Gui cook , dou dou and me are responsible to eat ! hehe . But for us , we are very happy and enjoy for this week . We studied together , eat together , go out together , play together , solve the problem together ... really feel that our friendship become better and better ( don't know how to write , hehe ) ... I really treasure for the days which we stay together ~ :)
See , i also contribute something leh , i wash the plate after eat ! haha . not like dou dou , din't contribute anything ! hehe ...
Anyway , i want to say " I am really glad to have the friends like Ah Gui , Carol and Dou Dou in UMSKAL . This is one part of my uni life . We still have one more year to go in University . I will treasure for this year and won't forget about you all one ! Thanks to be my friends and i hope that 4 of us can build a bright future for ourselves one day ! Jia You ~ " :) For my families and other friends :" Althought i feel bored and no mood in the day b4 this program started , but now , don't worry about me , i am fine and enjoy my life here , never regret to contribute my holidays to come back to Labuan . I will take care of myself one ! You all take care also ya ! :) " See you ~

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  1. Hey... At last you write in english.. hehe.. You'll really having fun there huh.. Although the program is held during the holiday but at least you guys do learn something.. SPKAL dun even have this type of things.. =(