Sunday, October 25, 2009

Busy Month Part 1 - Tamu Gadang UMS

Activity : Tamu Gadang + Konvo Universiti Malaysia Sabah
Locantion : Kota Kinabalu
Date : 6th-13th October 2009
Place we stay : Tang Dynasty (4 star hotel) :p
Designed by : Kah Arng
Me, Doudou, Ah Gui, Hairiz, Adryne were in charge of the SSIL booth in KK during Tamy Dagang and Konvo week of UMS . Our duty is promote our school to other people ! We show our products and assignment , we explain to people about our school , we tell them what we learn and what we can to be after graduate ! hehe ....
sound like we are pro , right ? :P
6th October , just finish our Career Week talk on 5th , 6th move to KK with big ferry ! So "geng" right ? Very tired journey ! 5 of us (from SSIL) and 5 of them (from SPKAL) wake up around 5.30am , waiting for the school van . You know , we are not only bring ourself to there ! We went there with 3 big LCD Screen , 1 projecter , 2 CPU , 2 Laptop and a lot of brouchers , gifts ... Every day we need to pack these stuff and bring it to UMS then pack again and bring back to Hotel ! Very very heavy things ! :(
but ... we are so so so happy because we stay in Tang Dynasty , a four star hotel in KK ! hahaha ! After enter the room , we feel not want to go out again o ! Very nice hotel with cheap price ( if with family ) ! :P
Anyway , a lot of things happen during this few days in KK la ... very tired but very happy too ! We know 5 new friends from SPKAL o .. hehe ..
The designs
Banting, Designed by : Adryne
Banting, Designed by : Dou Dou Banting, Designed by : Hairiz Banting , Designed by : Ah Gui Bookmark, designed by: Ah Gui Bookmark, designed by: Adryne Bookmark, designed by: Dou Dou T-shirt design, designed by : KA + Miss Chin Name Tag, designed by: KA Photo design,designed by : KA The photos
hehe , go to KK sure meet with my brother ~ which one is which one ? sure know la hor ~ ?
Miss Chin and Me ~
Wah ~ The mascot' body ??? haha ..
Team members and the booth ~
Wow ~ BBQ at Dr. Jude's house ~ yeah ~ the things were happen so long time already , dunno what should i post already ! haha .. sorry for late posting my news because i continue for another event after i back from KK , very busy , until today only free to post one or two post ...
Anyway , i already post other picture in my facebook ya ! :)
Tamu Gadang + Graduation of UMS ... i will go again next year but that time i am the one who going to graduate lo ~ yeah ~ :P

This is the guest book for this Tamu Gadang ! I bought a software in Singapore since last last year , it is for album making one , now i use this software and my Canon 450D to make a E-Guest Book ~ hehe ... not very clear if view here la .. :P

okay , see you ya ~ :)

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