Sunday, October 25, 2009

Busy Month Past 2 - Carnival SSIL

Activity : Carnival SSIL
Date : 19th - 24th October 2009
Location : Universiti Malaysia Sabah Labuan International Campus
Carnival SSIL , every year we have this kind of activity in our campus . But this time had a little bit different from before ! This year , carnival was incharge by some lecturer but all of the SSIL staff involve during carnival week ! I could see the improvement of SSIL ! So happy that my school got improvement , hehe ...
During this week , i incharge of the bookmark design and slide show creating , haih ... never escape for slide show one . Anyway , i still feel very happy that my slide show was success to win the applause of the audiance after it shown during the dinner ! :)

The activities during this carnival were SSIL Exhibition , PC Assembling for secondary students, Banner Design for Year 1 student and Institude from outside , Multimedia Presentation Competition (Power Point slide making) for secondary student , Website Design for students in UMSKAL , Brain Wizard for all the students , Online Game competition for staff of SSIL and Explorace for all the students and staff of SSIL .

Besides that , our last activity is Majlis Makan Malam SSIL , this Majlis is for SSIL logo and mascot launching ceremony and E-Community launching ceremony . After these carnival , SSIL has it's own logo and mascot ! The E-Community is an activity to encourage villagers in Labuan to have their own blog . This is a very nice program that we chose some students to visit all of the villages to teach them how to bloging ! :)

Many right ? I like all the activities and i took part in Website Design Competiton. Same group with Dou Dou and Ah Gui . You know , we get number 1 o ~ hehe ... Making a website in 1 and half hour . Only a basic website design la . :p

Then i was busy for Guest book again , haha .. my dean and lecturer like the guest book in KK ( Tamu Gadang + Konvo ) very much , so ask me to do it again . But i only make it until 22th because 23th i really need time to do slide show for the dinner on 24th night . :P

Very sorry to my lecturer , hehe ...

Anyway , the carnival finally end ... i can have enough sleep already , yeah ~

Website design competition , me, dou dou and ah gui We get 1st Prize , yeah ~ Muak ~ Me and Mr. Ryan
He is the lecturer ask me to do Slide show and bookmark , besides that , he also ask me to do the Mascot' Montaj . Many works o , but I really learn something after i complete everything ! hehe .. Thank you sir because of pushing me to do things ~ :P ( he keep call me ask me " Chin Kah Arng , where are you ? " . haha , sometime feel scare to listen to the phone , scare got work again ! hahaha !)
hehe , i get the lucky draw in Majlis Makan Malam SSIL o ~ 0128 , i want to buy toto already ! After that i get the "saguhati" for SSIL logo creating competition ! :) Althought not 1st prize but i still very happy to get a prize la , haha ... Me and my junior ~ :)

This is the slide show i did for Carnivall SSIL 2009 ~ :)

This is the Montaj of SSIL , i did the last part , Mascot part . :)

This is the logo that i design . "Saguhati" lo ...

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