Sunday, February 7, 2010

Back to Kluang ! Finally can hug my Min Min ~

Yeah ~ finally I reach Kluang ! hehe ...
After back to Kluang , still have a lot of things to do ! One of the jobs was taking photo for my little niece , Min Min ~ :)
hehe , she is really really cute ! Ask her call "Jiu Jiu ( uncle )" but she forgot how to call already, she keep calling me "Di Di ( brother )" ! haha , very funny !
When preparing to bring her go out , she will said "kuai dian (faster)" ! haha ...
When see lorry, she will feel very excited because it was very big, then she will ask us to see it ! haha ...
really very cute ! She know Mandarin, Guang Dong Hua, Ke Jia Hua and Malay ! Very clever right ?
When ask her "is it?" , she will answer "hai (in Guang dong, mean "yes")" ...
If she don't want something, she will said " ng yiu , ( in Guang Dong, mean "don't want" ) "...
haha .. really clever ! :P
She will said "Xie Xie ( thank you )" when people give her something.
haha ... my niece really cute ! :)

We will always bring her to Kluang Mall, her second house ! haha , when reach the car park of Kluang Mall, she knew we reach already and she will clapped her hands !

I like to take her photos, when she grow up, then she got a lot of photos ! hehe ... i want to let her know what she look likes when she still small .... :)

Min Min is staring on something on the ground ....

Min Min was kissing her grandma ! :)

Min Min play in a big pail ! :)

hehe , if you want to view more photos of my dear niece , you can visit my personal website ( ) and view it in gallery ... thank you

to be continue .... :)


  1. Mais ela é muito linda, tenhu uma sobrinha de olhos puxados tambem, amei di verdade muito linda cara *-*

  2. The photo in the pig bail is so cute - you have a beautiful child!

    Great Blog


  3. forgot to say she is not my child ! haha ... she is my niece ~ :)