Monday, February 22, 2010

End of holidays ...

Times flight , today is 21st Feb 2010 ... I will be back to Labuan by tomorrow night .
My Chinese New Year was end. I back to Kluang around 20 days but seem like a week ! haha ...
I was very happy during New Year 2010 ! :P

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR to all of my friends ! Hope your dremas will come true during this year ! :)

I took a lot of photos during this new year !
First day, I visited my relatives' house with my family and play Wii ! hehe .. very fun and very nice ! It was really tired to play it ! haha ...

Second day, all of my dear relatives came to my house ! We have a big meal !!! Really big ! haha ... see the photos below :

Two tables with around 25 peoples ! haha ... very delicious ! :P

These are all my relatives !
We all very very very happy !! yeah ~ :)

Then how about the third day ?
Third day ...  I met my friends and visited their houses !

We went to Kg Gajah , Kahang then back to Kluang ! I hope we all can meet again during the next new year ! hehe ...

After the third day , I stay in my home .. let you guess i was doing what at home ? The answer is " play mahjong with my grandpa and grandma ! " haha ..... :P

Of course , I also play with my niece ! hehe ... she is so cute ... you see the photo below :

Min min and her mother ~ :)

My father, my mother and I brought her to go Gunung Lambak watch monkeys !!! haha ...

not bad right ? hehe ...

After this I got gathering with my primary school's friends at Barneys ! Very fun too ! :)

23 of 40 students ... can say we are very successful ! haha ... hope next year we can make BBQ and more people come ya ! :)

I had a wonderful New Year !!! really ! I feel very happy during this new year ! hehe ...
anyway , have to back to Labuan tomorrow ... :(
gambateh ! Chin Kah Arng ! :)
Friends , see you next time ya ! Good Night ! :)

If you wish to view more photos , you can visit to my website ya ! ! Thank you!


  1. Wow~! It does look like you had fun! Your niece is adorable and the photos are very good! I've always wanted to take part of a chinese new year! cheers from italy!

  2. hi Alexandra! Thank you for your comment. My niece really cute. Now I am study in Labuan and i miss her very much! hehe ... Chinese New Year really fun! If you have a chance to join, then don't miss it! hehe ... you can view another photos in my website , or just add me in facebook ya! :)