Thursday, June 10, 2010

Internship ... :P

Hi all, it is really a long time i din't update my blog ... so sorry. I was really busy for my internship. My internship started from 10th May until 30th Junly 2010! I just came back from lunch and take some time to update my blog! hehe ... :)

I am currently conducting my intership in ISA Technologies in KL. I learnt Microsoft Sharepoint and ASP .NET here .. very fun but a btit tired! hahaha .. Everyday are same, wake up at 7.15am , come to office around 8.15am and reach here around 8.45am . Working time start from 9am until 5.30pm . After went back home, it was around 6.30pm already, some time will late until 8pm!! haha ... after that, i start my "cooking course" at home ! Now i was able to cook! Yeah ~ :P After cook and eat and bath, it was about 8.30pm ... I felt very tired already ! hahaha .. no more energy to on my laptop again, sometime i just went out and have a movie in Sunway Pyramid which opposite my house! Sometime I straight away sleep until the next morning ! :P

During the internship here, I learn a lot ! It is hard sometime but I think I still manage to do it! Anyway, I hope that I was able to do well in everything ... It was a new life for me, a new starting. I should try hard to get what I want ! Hope you all too! :)

Here I post some photos about my Internship Life ... share my life with you all ! :) Take care , my friends ! :)

1st day , it was 8am in the morning .. still got 1 hour to spend ! :P

Parking coupon

Wilson Peh Wey Sheng

Caroline Tan

ISA Technologies

It was still early, no people come yet !

Our seat .. at the pantry .. hahaha .. because the company is insufficient of table.

Delicious ? I cook one! :P

Just some simple but nice food ! wahaha ~~


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