Thursday, June 10, 2010

ISAT Group Dinner

Date : 19th May 2010
Venue : Sheraton Imperial Hotel, KL

This was the 1st group dinner for me ! hehehe .. it was a buffet at Sheraton Imperial Hotel ! A person cost RM1++ !! But luckily it was a group dinner for company! haha .. so we no need to pay it! :)

We went day after work, then we start to eat and eat and eat ! I was so so so full! For me, the food were all nice and delicious! But for some of them, they said the food before a better then now ... I also not sure .. anyway, I was damn full until cannot walk !! haha ...

I wont forget about the orange juice that I order! It cost RM24 !!! Luckily I no need to pay for it! hehe .. next time should be aware, do not order any drinks except plaine water !! hehe ...

Here I would like to share some photos with you ! :) If you are interested for more photos, you can visit HERE .. thanks ... :)

Have a nice day ~ :)

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  1. only RM 1 ++ (not RM 100++ ah )..hahaha... kkk, next time we al go thgt but on your house ya..;p Nice pic! :D