Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It's really not easy to make a design ...

Aih ... it's really hard to make a design , each people has their own opinion , own feeling ... after i make a DVD cover , i will send it to some of my friends to ask about their opinion and advice , but really can't get the same view ... aih ... In the end , i prefer to decide myself ... hehe ... Today i will show you the design that have different feeling with last time ( the black color one ) What do you about the design below ? Which one will you prefer to be the DVD cover ?
This is the 1st design ... but the 2 people in front look a bit weird , right ?
This is the 2nd design , i remove the 2 people in front and add the flower frame on it , i like this design although there is only 1 groom but 2 bride there ...
This is the 3rd design , i design 3rd time because my friend told me that it is not suitable if only 1 groom but 2 bride photos , so i decide to add one more groom inside it , but i dislike this design , hehe ....
In the end , i prefer the 2nd design , you ? This is the complete DVD cover ... :)

1 comment:

  1. Ya, your friend is true, it is not good if only put 1 groom and 2 bride at the DVD cover. Second photo is ok wat, you can try to put the girl behind to in front right side,then the two person one put behind left. It means just change the side of the "alone" girl with the "girl and man", understand?