Friday, April 9, 2010

Final Year Project and Presentation !

Hi all, I had a long time didn't update my blog. So sorry because I was really busy for my final year project and finally it was over ... :)

The story bagan when I back to Labuan after Chinese New Year! It was really a hard time for me when I back to Labuan! I can't really remember all the details but I won't forget the feeling for this month ( March )! Every day I have to sleep late for Final Year Project which was a 3D animation - "The Tortoise and The Hare" ... It is ok for me to sleep late, but one day my LCD screen spoilt! I can't do anything with my personal computer! So I had to use my laptop to continue my work! After some days, my laptop spoilt too! I am so bad luck and so pity ~~~ :(

I think and think adn think again ... how I can continue my work ? This is a group work! My 2 other members also using personal computer and none of them having a laptop! In the end, we have to carry our CPU to DK Alpha ( a hall ) to continue our 3D animation! We did this for 2 days! We carried our CPU from 4th floor (my room), 1st floor ( Ah Gui's room ) and 2nd floor ( Dou Dou's room ) to DK Alpha~ ~ very pity ~ and they have to bring along their LCD Screen! Luckily i still can get a LCD from Uni Trade! hehe ... so, this was the unforgetable experience amd memory for me! Luckily we still managed to complete our works! :) Thanks to Ah Gui and Dou Dou for their hard work ! :)

This was the 3D animation that we had created!

Although we had to rush for our final year project, we did have another assignment! The whole month we all were busy for our assignment! Non-stop! But thanks god, we still manage to complete all the assignment and project ! hehe ...
Finally, it came to 30th March which was our presentation date! We spend a lot of hard time for finaly year project and finally the day was came! :)
See~ We are so smart is it ?? haha ...
This photo took on the presenatation date!
From left : me, dou dou and ah gui
In the presentation hall!

We are the 1st group to present! So nervous and excited! One day before presentation, we had done the practice in front of Shannel! Thanks Shannel to listen to our presentation and give us the advice ya! :)
Anyway, we still feel very nervous but don't worry every thing done smoothly! I feel that we had a good presentation! hehe ...

My presentation

But unfortunately, we didn't get the good comments from examiner! May be because this was the first time that we did a 3D animation, we learnt from zero! We don't have any experience on it so we can't produce a good animation. Anyway, our supervisor quiet satisfied with our works! haha ... never mind la, it's over already! hehe ...

Although it didn't has a happy ending for our final year project, but it's over! I feel very very relax after this presentation! haha ...
Dou Dou and Ah Gui, thank you for the hard works! Mr Esmadi, thank you for your supervise! All the consultants, thank you for your cunsultations! I really learn a lot when doing my final year project! :)

After final year project, it come to the end of my universiti life! I left 3 papers to complete and 1 industry training! After that it is my graduation time!!!! yeah ~~ :P
I can't wait to work! haha ..

In the end, I hope that I can did well in everything and good luck for all of my friends ~ :) See you ~


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