Friday, April 9, 2010

We Are All In This Together ~

"We Are All In This Together" is a nice song from High School Musical ! Besides that, it is also the title for the album that I am proceed now for my dear SSIL friends ... :)

This is the cover for the album! The charactor is the "maskot" for SSIL, my school. :)

This album is created to collect all the information of SSIL student. With this album, we can contact each other easily in the future. This album also created as a memory for our Uni Life~ :)

This is one of the example in this album! I collect all the information from all the students and create this flip album!
This is the first album that created for SSIL too!
I hope that I can finish it before we leave SSIL school. But it is quiet hard to get the information from them because we didn't have any class more!
Anyway, I will try my best and hope you all will give the cooperation to me! Thank you ~ :)

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