Thursday, April 29, 2010

"Shopping" in One Borneo, KK ... alone

Firstly, I would like to say sorry because my English is poor but I am still prefer to write in English because some of my friends are unable to read in Mandarin ... Hope you not mind on my broken English ... :)

This morning, 11.10am, finaly I leave from waterless land -"Labuan" . Finaly, I finish my 3 years study there. Around 11.40am, I reach in KK by MASWING. My brother pick me up at airport and we reach his house around 1pm. My brother and I decide to have a movie named "Crazies" on 2.30pm. So, we went to One Borneo - The biggest shopping center in whole Borneo since it was not far from my brother's house.

Every time I came to KK, I am sure I will visit to One Borneo. Sushi King, Old Town, New York New York, Starbuck and some PC Shops, these are the shop that I always visited in One Borneo. Of course I am always visited to the Gloden Screen Cinema in One Borneo too!
Why not some shop that selling cloths? Since I said "shopping", why didn't include any fashion shop? Is it I dislike to buy cloths? Nope! I like to but new shirts or new cloths too!! But everytime I passed by the fashion shop, I won't feel like want to buy the cloths for myself, most of the time, I was thinking to buy it for my partner ( girl friend ). But everytime I walked in One Borneo, she is not here! So, I will always tell myself, next time bring her there and we can chose together! I like to buy cloths, but is for her, not for myself!

Don't know why, I always walked alone in One Borneo. Sometimes I will call her when I found some nice shirt but do not know she like it or not. So I will call her. In the end I still didn't buy that cloths and always decide to wait for the day I bring her to Sabah. But that moment, I mean the time I call her was so sweet for me. At least I know she was so happy when heard that I want to buy cloths to her... :)

Today, everything different, totally different from before ... I walked alone in One Borneo as usual after the show "Crazies" while my brother study for his exam in Starbuck. When I was walking, I saw a lot of fashion shops, this time I was so upset! The shops and the cloths make me thinking of her! I don't have the chance to hold her hand and shop with her anymore... I miss her very very much that time! But I know, I can't phone her... do you know the feeling? I felt so lonely that time...

Yesterday when I was still in Labuan, I told myself to leave every bad things and bad memories in Labuan and don't bring it out from there... but I am so weak, I still cannot do it!! haih ...

Anyway, it feels better after I wrote it here ... I know I will recover but I need some more time. Tomorrow morning, 6.55am I will leave from Sabah and would not coming back so soon. I hope that everything will be fine and become normal soon. I really hope it!

Chin Kah Arng ... hope to see a new CKA soon ...


  1. be strong my fren.. c u in KL soon..

  2. Hope your loneliness may spur you into finding something to live for~~ Be tough =)

  3. "Yesterday when I was still in Labuan, I told myself to leave every bad things and bad memories in Labuan and don't bring it out from there... but I am so weak, I still cannot do it!!" --> don have to leave it there, it is part of ur life...
    everything will be fine...time heals!
    By super handsome, bit big head de datou~~ wahaha~~

  4. Nice blog you got here... Just droppin' by to say hi!