Friday, April 9, 2010

New had change the layout again !! :) This time, I decided to modify into a system so that people can download the photos album from the website! Anyway, they have to get the password from me in order to download the album! Different album had different password! :)

"I am the creator of the website which is also my brainchild. My interest is photography and I would like to share it with others. On this site, you will find my personal designs and also various photographs taken during phases of my life. These photographs tell story of my life journeys and collect memories along the way.

The main purpose of creating this website is to allow my friends to easily access and download the photos taken together. Through my website, I also wish to share with the visitors those beautiful moments i had captured with my camera.

Visitors are also welcomed to join as a fan of KA's Life Photography on my facebook page.

I hope to make continuous improvements to to improve its services to its visitors.

Last but not least, I would like to say thank you for the supports and encouragement I received. Without them, would be impossible! " 
( by Kah Arng, )

Kindly visit to if you are free ya !
- Thank you -

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