Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Masquarade Nite 2010

Activity: Farewell Dinner for SSIL 3rd year student
Title: Masquerate Nite 2010 - Let The Mask Dance
Organizer: PMSSIL Sesi 2010/2011
Venue: Tiara Hotel Labuan
Date: 11th April 2010
Time: 6pm

This was really a great night! I like the night very much!
Ah Gui, Chat Liang, Me, Rachel, Sin Wei, Poh Chie, Dou Dou, Carol, Ann Nee, Shannel and me decided to stay outside for the night. We chose Manikal Beach Resort because of the cheaper rate.
Around 1pm we went to Manikal and move our bags and everything there. Wilson joint us to Manikal but didn't stay here that night. Then Chat Liang and I went to swimming in the swimming pool! hehe ....
Around 4.30pm, we start to prepare ourselves, for the girls, they start to make up! Girls really really slow! haha ...
Ah Gui, Wilson, Me and Chat Liang

Nothing special for my suit cos i didn't have any west to wear! haha .. and I don't wish to wear so many things on my body because I need to hold my camera and walk here and there as a photographer, wearing tie really hard to work! So, i prefer to wear like this ... :P

Around 6pm, we (the boys) reach to Tiara Hotel!
 Well, the girls ... they reach around 7.30pm ... =.= really "slow"... haha ...
The photos below was the group photos for our table...

Forgot to say we need to wear the mask during the night! But we were not used to it so many of them prefer to take it down .... :P including me who need to take photos! hahaha!

This is the pengarah ( the head of organizer ) for this night! His name is Eswara, an indian who really good in talking and speaking! :)
Well done, Eswara!

After the speech, the dinner started. Besides that we had a lot of activities! We had Lucky Draw, Award Giving for Dean List, Final Year Project, Best Lecturer and King and Queen! I was so surprised that my group's get the "Best 3D Animation Award"! I didn't think about it before since we get a lot of negative comments from examiner and lecturer! Anyway, I was so happy! :P

After the activities! It's time to "Let The Mask Dance"! hehe ...

Do you know who is this? haha .. he was the dean of SSIL! He enjoy so much, right ?
hehe .. he was a dean who was very sporting!

This was the photo for SSIL 3rd year students and lectures

Well, after this night, we all will going to graduate! We will be seperated into different places! Friends, take car of yourself, ok ? I wish we all have a bright future and try your best in everything you did!
Don't forget the time we are all in UMSKAL together and don't even forget ur school, SSIL!
Take care ... :)

For more photos, kindly visit http://kaharng.com/ ... thank you!

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